Best Practices For Google My Business Postings

Best Practices For Google My Business Postings

Significance Of Google My Business

Google My Business has been around for a long time. Many business owners don’t know everything it can do for them. Google My Business Posting will add to the local search results on desktop and mobile devices. It’s a free way to help customers find you online and engage with your products and services.

One of the many benefits of Google My Business is that it helps a company or business grow. It affects all aspects of a business, especially sales and profit. 

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Generate Leads With Google My Business Posting

We live in an age where everyone is fully engaged with technology and the many conveniences. Knowing how to find customers fast can save you time and money when catering to your clients.

Lead Generation is the practice of drawing prospects to your organization. It will also boost interest in your services. All kinds of companies use Google, and Google reports having 1 billion users monthly.

Consumers use the internet to discover local services in 97% of cases. At the same time, 82% of smartphone users use a search engine to find a local business. Imagine how many prospective clients and customers that can see your profile. But the question is, how will you turn those numbers of potential clients into sales? 

It will not be possible if you don’t have good marketing plans. More enormous profits will not manifest your dreams if you do not help your profile grow. 

Using Google My Business can help secure traffic because of its search algorithms. If your setup of a listing is correct, customers will look for what your business provides and it will locate your company right away. They will search on Google Maps through their mobile device or computer. So, having a professional description and accurate information is essential.

If you aren’t using Google My Business, then you should start doing so immediately. It will only help your business grow and prosper over time.

Generate Leads With Google My Business Posting
Generate Leads With Google My Business Posting

Best Practices For Google My Business Posting

If you’re looking for Google My Business tips, your search ends here. We will provide you with all the best practices to make your Google My Business profile stand out. 

Things To Do

Here are some things to consider when posting on your Google My Business profile, which will help your business grow.

1. Images On Every Post

You might wonder: “What do Google posts for business is good for the customer?” Every blog post or news item should complement an image that explains or supports what you say. The main reason for this is that people usually check the picture before clicking on a result. Images are also essential for attracting attention to your posts. They immediately catch the eye of readers who are skimming through results.

You can search for photos on the internet or use those taken from previous blogs and pictures posted on your site. If neither of these options work, you don’t have to worry. You can always use Canva to create professional-looking images within minutes.

But for better image output, check our Graphic or Logo Designing services. 

2. Add Titles To Your Post

Titles are the first thing people look at when checking your results, so make them count. A title should be expressive and concise, so that probable customer clicks on them.

Make sure that you write engaging titles that are bound to catch attention. If possible, give these titles catchy names by adding “ultimate,” “surefire,” and many more. This way, your title will not only inform readers, but will also intrigue them.

Like images, links are essential for people who are skimming through results. It allows readers to navigate around the page. Plus, you can also put links with other helpful resources related to Google Maps or local searches. Without losing focus on your topic, you can use annotations or phrases with the content and add the hyperlinks. Hyperlinking or linking out relevant words or phrases are great for providing value to the reader.

It is a good practice to link Google My Business posts to other social media accounts, because many of your followers and friends may spot these links on their feed. Also, decide to view them and share them. Why not use this opportunity to start growing your online presence? 

You can also increase traffic by linking back to older blog posts. This includes calls-to-action telling readers how they can enjoy checking out the link. 

5. Use Keywords When Posting

You must create informative and optimized posts for specific keywords. It is what people use when searching for related topics. You can experiment with incorporating these phrases into other forms of your material. You may include keywords at the start or conclusion of your sentences.

6. Schedule Google My Business Posts

Posts On Google My Business” are essential, and they will keep your audience engaged. If you plan to publish three (3) articles per week, make sure you set the correct posting times. An example is, when people are most likely to view them. You can also schedule reminders if publishing in manual mode doesn’t work for you. 

7. Text Posting

The language used in your posts should be friendly and casual. People like to talk, not read essays or press releases. The Google My Business website allows you to post text with limited characters. People will only see the first two (2) lines of each update. Keep them concise yet descriptive so that they can get a sense of what your business is all about. Limit bullet point items to three-five lines since it might look weird if there are too many words on one line.

Things You Don't Do About Google My Business
Things You Don’t Do About Google My Business

Things You Don’t Do

Above we discussed the things you should do when posting. Yet, there are also things you should avoid doing when posting.

1. Informal Wording

Don’t use inappropriate, offensive, or misleading information. Or anything that Google considers improper, abusive, and deceptive.

2. Duplicate

Duplicating your posts is not against the Google My Business guidelines. Yet, it could be frustrating for users to see the same content again.

3. Not Giving Credit

If you’ve used quotes within your posts, be sure to give credit by linking the source. People are curious about who said it, and it will also lead them to your blog’s Google My Business page.

Get Assistance

If you don’t have your account or profile yet on GMB, you can go to Google My Business sign up and make your profile. After verifying your profile, you can apply your learning in this article. If you have some trouble or need more information, you can also look at Google business support. 

Sometimes, doing everything on your own is good. But it is not wrong to ask for help, and we all want a better results. Here, is why you might need assistance.

Improved SEO

People must want to read the material on your website. If they don’t, it’s pointless to rank high on Google since no one will go through to your website for anything! The SEO specialists will conduct a site audit on your current website and will tell you how to enhance it. So, it will have a great chance, that Google would consider it for a better ranking.

Better Outcome

We will handle everything about your Google My Business profile, including editing photos that you will use for your post, using keywords when posting, and managing your profile until everything becomes fruitful for your business. 

Many people do not believe in what an SEO company can do. As we end this article, I will explain why you need to hire us.

  • We have experienced team members who will assist you. 
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