Google SEO Entity Stacking

Google Entity Stacking leverages the power of the Google domain and trust in order to promote your website. This can easily rank your content, even with competitive keywords.

Google Entity Stacking

Google is still THE King of search engines & what better way to leverage its powers than using Google Drive Stacks. It can even be indexed and ranked in Google search. The perfect way to skyrocket your rankings and visibility!

Using Google Entity Stacking leverages the power of the Google domain and trust in order to promote your website both from an increased rankings perspective, as well as from having additional ranking properties in the search results.

What is Google stacking in SEO? Google Stacking is an authoritative SEO strategy that allows you to build backlinks on several Google platforms to other entity assets like the company’s website. These “Google Entities” include content in assets like Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Maps, Youtube and more.

Google Entity Stacking is a white hat SEO authoritative technique that harnesses the power of Google’s own properties to act as a link distribution hub and a entity link building epicenter. Google Authority Stacking works by optimizing and quickly registering any Google-owned portals you have when you post the backlinks to your website. According to the method, this information is recognized by Google and its ranking algorithms.

Google Public Folder
Google Document
Google PDFs
Google Slides
Google Forms
Google Sheets
Google Drawings
Google My Maps (Custom Map)
Google Drive Videos
Google Sites
Google Photos

  • 5 Slides with 5 different keywords
  • 10 PDF documents
  • 1 Google Sheet
  • 1 Google Slide (Powerpoint)
  • 1 Google Doc (Word Doc)
  • 1 Google Form
  • 1 GSuite with 5 pages, text, links to website
  • GBP(Google maps) embed
  • Google Drawing + JPG
  • 1 custom detailed google sheets file
  • 1 Super Doc Google Doc file
  • 1 Calendar Embed into GSite
  • Thousands of links from GSA to power up drive stack
  • 1 AWS s3 HTML static website linked to stack and homepage of website.
  • 5 Related Articles 
  • 5 Blogspot articles interlinked with GSuite
  • 4 different stacks for each keyword
  • 5 Google sheets
  • 2 Super Docs
  • 6 Slides
  • 5 Articles
  • 25 Blog spot Articles
  • 2 AWS Sites
  • 2 Azuze Sites
  • 2 Google Clouds
  • 1,000,000 GSA Links to stack
  • Google news blast – 1000 Links

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