Animation, Whiteboard and Video Design

Put Your Message Into Orbit With Animated Videos

Whiteboard Animation Examples

Animation and Video Brand Designing

Everyone has a story to tell. Yours is much more powerful than you know. We bring your brand to life and make the intangible tangible. Struggle to explain your product? Have a complex software you need to demo? Want your target audience to retain information about your brand?

We partner your company with experienced motion graphics designers trained in your industry and with a world of tools powering their creativity. It’s time to animate your brand.

Our Process

Your animations are customized to your audience and to your business needs. We start by examining your prospects and the language they speak. Already have an idea? We can animate it! Not sure where to begin? We work with you and your team to concept a start-to-finish product that serves user intent.

Whiteboard Animations

For quick illustrations and text or character-based design, whiteboard animations combine the power of art and narration. These videos work great for how-tos, educational guides and linear storytelling. Connect with your audience by animating the messaging you need to convey.

Interactive whiteboard animation videos are our specialty. We realize that viewers today do not have much time to read through extensive mission statements and descriptions that are filled with business jargon and language that is unfathomable to many viewers. They get bored after reading a line or two and move forward to the next site.