Donating Food For Families In The Philippines (Christmas 2021)

Helping Families In The Philippines Christmas 2021

This year, SEOLEVELUP, LLC. Website Design SEO Company, a local Oakbrook Terrace, IL Digital Media Marketing Company, donated food to over 100 families in the Philippines. This video is the donation to 50 families in the Glan area. The company sponsored the funding, but all the credit goes to the 3 individuals in the Philippines listed below for everything they did to change so many families lives for a few days during the holidays.

Owners Robert Mattson and Tommy Seilheimer are both married to Filipinas and have a strong connection to the people of the Philippines as they have traveled there and also spent time seeing first hand the needs of so many. Their company employs a team of Web Design, Content Writing and Social Media experts and decided it was time to change the lives of so many during this Christmas season.

“A truly small gift that we hoped would bring smiles to many, and it did! We believe in changing lives one small donation at a time, next year we will be a full 501c3 non-profit giving food, toys and more! We hope you join us in helping with small donations that can help all of these families in need.” said CEO Robert Mattson

“USD goes a loooooong way out there. As you can see from the video, you can make a family happy from just a super small generous donation. Our amazing team hand-delivers the packages house to house and you can see the heartfelt responses in the video. If we can do it, you can do it. We hope this is just the beginning of something super special for years to come. We never expect anything in return, except smiles and happiness.” said President Tommy Seilheimer

By next Christmas they hope to ship many boxes with toys, clothing and food for the families. Super special thanks to the following amazing people in the Philippines who shopped, packed and delivered the food in the video, without them this would have never have been possible.

+ Dominique Sarcon
+ Catherine Plarisan
+ Mary Grace Canete-Palalon

(Delivered food packages to 6 Barangays that are a local unit or community of the town)

– Gumasa Glan
– Baliton Glan
– Calabanit Glan
– Taluya Calanasan Glan
– Glan Padidu Glan
– Lago Nacolil Glan

View the images of our Christmas giving event.

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