Cloud Computing and DevOps Solutions in Chicago, IL

Looking to save cost and time with DevOps solutions and services like speed, automation, continuity, and infrastructure? 

SEOLEVELUP, a DevOps solutions provider, helps organizations to operate virtually while saving resources, scaling business, improving security, increasing collaboration, and enabling disaster recovery.

The Benefits you can get:


We architect and deliver automated and self-sustaining infrastructures on all major cloud platforms. We deploy, monitor, and manage multiple services offered by your selected cloud platform, such as AWS, AZURE, GCP, or any other cloud solutions, to ensure that they are entirely up to date. Agility and Innovation in the Cloud system will automatically move between cloud infrastructure types to accommodate the compliance standards or routine maintenance without any manual intervention.

Businesses can use the cloud as a centralized platform to manage their production workloads, such as development, testing, deployment, monitoring, and operation. The platform allows you to keep track of anything and collaborate with others from almost any device, anywhere, at any time. It’s also less expensive and simpler to maintain compliance and security.

The cloud is the ideal solution to ensure that you can scale up or down any infrastructure as needed without having to invest a lot of money or time in systems. This means it’s a quick and easy way to add new features and functionality as you scale.

Many cloud platforms offer enhanced automation solutions for DevOps practices such as continuous development integration. Tools such as AWS Pipeline, Azure DevOps, Jenkins, GitLab, Ansible and Terraform provide consistency and speed with less human engagement.

DevOps teams can wait for testing servers to become free and available in the cloud, so they can continue working. This Methodology allows cross-functional teams to collaborate for versatile solutions.

We study business needs, offer the best migration method, and smoothly migrate existing workloads to the cloud, lowering risk, time, and cost.


We help you manage and maintain a healthy workflow in all aspects of your IT infrastructure effectively, migrating on-premises infrastructure and services over the cloud such as (Azure), (AWS) for high availability, scalability, and reliability to avoid any disaster.

With the managed cloud-infrastructure, Cloud Disaster Recovery (CDR) helps you quickly and easily recover your organization’s critical lost data from cyber-attacks, hardware failure, or a natural disaster, providing you with remote access to your systems. As a result, you can continue running your business as usual while we take care of the recovery work.

We also support Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC), often known as infrastructure modeling, which is designed to make server, storage, and networking infrastructure in data centers easier to manage.

We keep stakeholders in the loop across borders using cloud automation, which simplifies the requirement cycle.

Cloud Automation allows your staff to access and manage the system from any location with continuous monitoring, backup, recovery, upgrades, and functionality.

The Benefits you can get:


We build turnkey, low-touch ecosystems made with agile IaC and open-source tools while helping your company create common dynamic platforms and flexible applications to start new projects or even mature existing ones.

Benefits you can get:

Scale with ease by saving resources and controlling configurations with simple, easy-to-implement IaC approaches.

We have your back from discovery to operation and from start to finish.

Secure your whole work and production environment with a future-proof security stack with unicorn-grade security solutions, including DDoS protection, bot and fraud protection, and firewalls.  


Modern enterprises require sophisticated DevOps managed service providers for efficient implementation. We offer DevOps development and DevOps automation services to assist businesses in fulfilling their complex development, performance, and delivery requirements. Our DevOps services are fueled with multiple tools designed to eliminate the errors that might put a roadblock in the business growth.

We deliver your code to production with automated monitoring at all stages, ensuring high-quality coverage from instantiation through ramp-up and beyond launch.
With fast innovation.

Benefits you can get:

DevOps as a managed service allows businesses to implement software solutions faster than their competitors. As a result, they have maintained a substantial lead over other companies in the same industry.

Ensuring up-to-date code regardless of adding new features.
By implementing CI/CD we Build, test and deploy in minutes along with early detection and its resolution of errors before release.

You can use Access Control to keep your business secure by regulating and monitoring permissions.

We can automate the development, testing, and deployment processes. As a result, our clients save money on IT infrastructure deployment and maintenance overall.

This methodology enables a company to respond to client and market demands quickly. It allows us to make modest changes as needed rather than replacing your present IT infrastructure from the ground up, saving you time and money.

This method works even if one of the nodes fails; therefore, we create hardware redundancy through redundancy. replacing your present IT infrastructure from the ground up, saving you time and money.


Containers are a lightweight, essential component of many DevOps processes that may quickly deploy across many settings.

A containerized approach encourages a shift-left strategy by allowing issues to be resolved at the container level rather than re-architect and re-deploy entire programs, which can be too time-consuming and resource-intensive for agile DevSecOps methodologies.

The flexibility of the software deployment container gives teams improved ability to reuse infrastructure, simplifying DevOps fast-track processes.

Also, Container Management improves isolated platform integration between environments and reduces environment variation due to traditional methodologies such as provisioning directories.

You can simply manage hundreds of containers on a cluster with Kubernetes. This makes it a great tool for building microservices architecture, as it makes it easy to scale your applications up or down as needed. It also works perfectly with Docker (for a single container), allowing you to take advantage of both platforms.

Benefits you can get: