How To Rank Higher On Google Maps: (Complete Guide To Google My Business)

How To Rank Higher On Google Maps: (Complete Guide To Google My Business)

How To Rank Higher On Google Maps: (Complete Guide To Google My Business)

Google Maps Ranking For Business

Google Maps is an essential part of any business’s online presence. Though, many companies often neglect it. Google Maps for Business provides businesses with the tools. It will manage their online visibility. And ensure that their customers can find them on the platform.

Google maps ranking means that your business position appears in the listing. When someone searches for that specific service or product, you will be in results. For example, suppose that you are searching for a local car service. In that case, Google will give the businesses that appear closer to the top of the page. It saves users time and effort in looking out for nearby companies.

Being on top is always where we want to be, especially in business. It will boost your business exposure, sales, or profit. Achieving this goal will not be as easy as one plus one equals two. But the good thing is I can share the magic of this business with you. 

SEOLEVELUP is the magic that you need. We are a digital marketing company that will help you with Google Maps SEO Optimization. Combining our SEO services and clients’ testimonials makes our company reliable.

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Google Maps Ranking For Business
Google Maps Ranking For Business

Google My Business Or GMB: What Is It? 

GMB is a free service offered by Google. It allows individuals and businesses to list their information on google maps. It helps in Google search rankings and gets you more customers and clients. 

It also allows you to check the number of visitors visiting your business page. Plus, the number of times they open the pages. It gives businesses a lot of information to improve their social media presence.

Organic Rankings Vs. Local Pack Listings

If you go to Google Maps, you will see two different listings. One is the organic listing which consists of all businesses not listed through GMB. 

The other is the local pack result which contains listings ranked higher by Google. They have verified their Google My Business (Google + Local) page. Or in other words, if you want to look for business in a specific area, Google will give you local pack listings. 

8 Steps To Rank High In Google Maps

If you want your business to be searchable by many people, you’ll need to Rank Higher On Google Maps. This article is a complete guide on ranking higher on Google maps. And it optimizes your Google My Business listing. We’ll show you How To Improve Google Search Ranking.

Step 1: Get Listed On GMB

To list your business with Google Maps, you have to have a Google My Business page. Upon registration, add your company details, open hours, and photos of the premises. It’s good to add links from other sites or social media accounts (Facebook Page, Instagram, Tiktok, etc.). Some customers want to get more information while contacting you through those channels.

Step 2: Up-To-Date Information

After you’ve verified your profile, make sure your company information is up to date. It includes names, addresses, emails, and phone numbers. It is one of the essential things that everyone must do to get their business information seen by users. 

Giving your customer an up-to-date phone number will make communications easy. They can have an easy way of getting in touch with you. Complete your information so that consumers understand what to do without confusion. Users are ignoring this primary and common step.

Best Search Engine Optimization Company
Best Search Engine Optimization Company

Step 3: Search Engine Optimization

The third step is to ensure that your business metadata, or tags, are correct and complete. It will include search engine keywords in the correct sections to improve your rating. 

Search Engine Optimization remains one of the most powerful online marketing strategies. It is a method of improving search engine ranks. It also increases traffic from organic searches by employing various tactics. It will result in higher revenue. SEO is the silver bullet when it comes to Google Maps ranking factors.

Step 4: Be Active

The fourth step is to add an opening date to your Google My Business page. Your business needs to rank higher on Google maps because it shows an active listing claim. Also, make sure that your opening hours are up-to-date. If you have the wrong open hours or no open hours at all, it can ruin your business’s chance of ranking higher.

Step 5: High-Quality Images 

The fifth step is having a high quality of photos that makes the customer see. It will encourage them to visit your place or location. Customers are expecting what they saw on the sound images you uploaded. 

Also, make sure that you are taking the time to update your photos. Google needs to see that your business is active and alive! Always aim for high-quality images. It will indeed look your business professional and legit. 

Step 6: Google Review And Feedbacks

The sixth step is to make sure that Google allows you to list in GMB. If you are not, reviews will not matter much. People tend to look for feedback and reviews before settling in. Having more thoughts on your Google My Business page is a must to rank high. Google ranks higher those business pages with reviews. 

For example, suppose you have fifty-five 5 star reviews on Google My Business. In that case, you are likely to have a higher chance to be on top higher than someone who only has one 5 star review. Make sure that positive reviews are legitimate customers who have visited you!

Rankings for local pack listings will have to control by the number of reviews and ratings. 

Step 7: Marketing Strategy

GMB allows users to create a post and an event and promote their businesses. It is also a sign that your business is currently up-to-date and active. Your business will boost engagements. It also helps your account reach a high rank in creating such events. If you are familiar with how Social Media Management works, it does the same thing here on Google Maps. 

Step 8: Avoid Getting A Violation

The last step is to ensure that you are not violating any Google My Business guidelines. Google does not tolerate unethical or illegal activity and may suspend your account as well as remove your company information from search results. A reminder that you have read everything written by Google before doing anything.

Suppose you want your business to get noticed by thousands of prospective customers. In that case, using Google My Business can help you rank higher on this list. This article has discussed all the guides to increase your business rankings. And also, knowing your place will optimize your profile so that customers know it.

Disclaimer, always keeps in mind that not every step of guides will work the same for every business. Some of the information may appear to be useless at the time. But, these ideas might give you vital information that will come in helpful later.

Significance Of Google My Business
Significance Of Google My Business

Why Hire Us?

Looking for the right one is not an easy thing to do, not only in love-life but also in hiring an SEO Company. When choosing a life partner, you are setting standards. When hiring an SEO company, you also need to develop a standard. We will tell you why you need to hire us in this last phase. 

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3. Expert Team

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