10 Proven Ways To Rank Higher On Google Maps 2022

10 Proven Ways To Rank Higher On Google Maps 2022

10 Proven Ways To Rank Higher On Google Maps 2022

How To Rank Higher On Google Maps

Are you searching for the best “SEO Company in the Chicagoland Area“? At SEOLEVELUP, we offer a variety of SEO Services to assist you in improving your business ranking on Google Maps. Let our highly qualified team of SEO professionals get you ranking in “Google’s Snack Pack”.

Schaumburg Dentistry Ranking #1 On Googles Snack Pack
Schaumburg Dentistry Ranking #1 On Googles Snack Pac

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Rank Higher On Google Maps
Rank Higher On Google Maps

Drastically Increase Your Website Traffic

Simply ranking in the top 3 of Google’s Snack Pack can boost your website traffic locally. Google is the #1 most used search engine in the world. This alone can help increase the number of visitors to your website which will increase leads to your business. It’s basic math. Even if you are trying to rank against multi-million dollar powerhouses in your industry, they can never outrank you locally if done right. We can show you how to do this and how our team can turn the tables. Contact us today for a FREE Consultation. No strings attached. 

Visibility Equals Leads For Your Business, It’s That Simple. 

Being visible on Google Maps can put your company in front of a massive number of potential clients in your local service area. They are searching for local companies that have positive reviews, a 100% completed Google My Business listing that is active and responding to reviews, adding images and videos, posting informative blog articles on the products and services they provide and a sneak peak into the companies office layout and any offers they might be promoting. This is crucial for our domination method when ranking locally. 

Customer Engagement Is Key!

Google Maps is an excellent tool for potential customers to click on your GMB (Google My Business) listing. It will assist them in learning more about what you have to offer and a direct line to communicate with you.

The goal here is to get them from landing on Google Maps, to then click on your GMB listing to contact you. This sales funnel was designed by Google to have a potential client reach out to you for “more info”. A perfect opportunity to speak with someone that you can interact with and have the opportunity to pitch your company!

Online Reputation and Why It Matters

Google Maps is also an excellent tool for enhancing your company’s online reputation. People will be more likely to trust your company if you receive positive feedback from customers. The quality and quantity of reviews on Google reviews is one of the most important ranking factors for local SEO. When a potential client scans the search results for a local product or service in Google, the business listings that includes customer reviews presents greater credibility and naturally, receive more clicks.

Greater Customer Loyalty

Finally, having your business listed on Google Maps can help you gain more customers and get repeat business. The reason for this, is that having your business appear in the top 3 of Google Maps can help people find you and contact you directly. If you aren’t already on Google Maps, start using some of the tips in this article to increase the visibility and traffic to your business. This is truly one of the best ways to get not only repeat business, but also obtain referrals which is HUGE for local companies that can utilize existing client success stories to promote and recommend you!


10 Ways To Improve Your Online Rankings

There are 10 proven tips our entire SEO team at SEOLEVELUP came up with that you can do to improve your local search rankings on Google. Read some of the submissions below to see some of their recommendations to get you ranking on Google:

Ways to Improve Your Ranking

1. Get Your Business Listed On Google Maps

Make sure to sign up for a Google My Business (GMB) account and add your business information. As soon as your business is verified, it will appear on Google Maps.

To add your business, follow these steps:

  • Search for your company’s name on Google.com/maps or the Google Maps app on your phone.

  • You have a listing if it is in the drop-down menu and has a location next to it! Continue to the next section.

  • If your company name does not appear in the drop-down menu, you can select “Add a missing place.”

2. Optimize Your Business Listing

Your company’s address, hours of operation, and phone number should all be listed on your Google My Business (GMB) page. Add a logo and some images of your company to the site. The more detailed your listing, the more likely it will appear at the top of the results.

3. Claim Your Free Google My Business (GMB) Listing Ad Campaign

Google gives businesses who want to be more visible on Google Maps an opportunity to set up a Google AdWords campaign. People who search on Google and its affiliates, such as YouTube, may see ads for your business when they are online. Prior to claiming your business on Google Maps, you must first create a free Google My Business (GMB) account. If you already have an account. Then you may select your business listing and then click “Claim this business” or “Do you own this business?” and follow the instructions. But,  if you do not already have a Google My Business (GMB) account yet, then you can contact us. We’ll assist you in opening an account and claiming your business.

4. Embed Google Maps On Your Website

If you have a website, it is recommended that you include a Google Maps embed in the footer of your website, along with your hours of operation and anything links to your top searched pages or services.

You must have your NAPw (Name Address Phone Number and Web Address) EXACTLY the same as your GMB to connect these two together. Your website and GMB work together to rank you. It’s simply another way to demonstrate to Google that your business is located where it claims to be by including an embedded Google Map. The business address must remain consistent; changing it will result in the creation of a new listing. It’s really that particular!

If you need help with this, contact us!

5. Use An Accurate Business Address

If you have a Google My Business (GMB) account, ensure that your business address is correct and up to date. Incorrect addresses can hurt your search results on Google Maps. It has to be exact! St. or Street matters.

6. Add Keywords To Your Business Name

If you include keywords in your business name, you can help it rank higher on Google Maps results! As an illustration, suppose you own a pizza restaurant called “Joe’s Pizza.” By including the word “pizza” in your business name, you can increase your chances of appearing in searches for “pizza restaurants.”

7. Use Local Keywords In Your Website Content

Including keywords specific to your area in your website content can also help your business show up higher in Google Maps. You may use the phrase “Chicago pizza” in your website content if you own a pizzeria in Chicago, IL. It will assist Google in connecting your website to the search term “Chicago pizza,” which may help your website appear in search results.

You should incorporate location-based keywords into the primary pages of your website. It contains the homepage, the about us page, the contact us page, the products, and services page, and even blog posts. It is best to include these keywords in the page titles, headings, and body text.

Google Maps For Your Business


Google Maps For Your Business

8. Add A Google Map To Your Website

Include a Google Map on your websites footer. It is a simple way to provide directions to visitors to your website and tells Google that your local citation is EXACT as it appears EVERYWHERE in many of the major directory listings online. 

9. Get Positive Reviews From Customers (HUGE Ranking Signal)

One of the best ways to get top rankings on Google is to obtain reviews on Google. You should always ask your customers for more reviews. There are over 600 ranking signals on Google and they look at reviews as the best way to figure out which businesses show up in its top maps search results. We will show you how to get amazing reviews to boost your rankings.

Ask for reviews, and be ready to answer any that are given, this is key! Also, responding to reviews encourages more reviews and lessens the impact of bad ones. How you treat customers and solve problems shows both how much you care about them and how well you can do it.

It can be scary when people write bad reviews about your service. However, bad reviews are very rare unless your service is terrible. If you respond to a bad review the right way, you can lessen or even reverse the damage.

10. Use The Top Local SEO Tactics For Your Business

Utilize local SEO tactics such as optimizing your website for Google Maps search results and get domination SEO content writing services ordered for your business ASAP. Moreover, you can claim your business on Google My Business (GMB) and integrate a map directly into your website. These steps will assist Google in associating your business with the appropriate search terms. Furthermore, it increases your business’s visibility in Maps results.


Maintain Your Position With Our Assistance

We are a Google search engine optimization (SEO) expert team. This includes content writers and digital marketing specialists who aid in the growth of your business. You can accomplish this by developing and implementing a successful online marketing strategy.

Position with our assistant


Position With Our Assistant

We assist online businesses in establishing relationships with their potential customers. To increase brand awareness, business loyalty, and sales! Our job is to spread the word about you. As straightforward as that! We’ve done SEO for local businesses, national corporations, and nonprofits of all sizes. We have done this for businesses of all sizes.

Instead of spending money on AdWords, optimize your website to appear naturally in Google’s search results! Our team can skyrocket your Google’s rankings and positioning within 6 months so you can scale your company. We have done this since 2003. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few pointers to think about:

  1. Create backlinks.
  2. Optimization of Google My Business (GMB).
  3. Subcategories should be added to your GMB.
  4. Create citations for niche local businesses.
  5. Make use of Schema Markup.
  6. Distribution of citations
  7. Optimize the homepage of your website.
  8. Create authority citations.

Here are a few tips for improving your keyword rankings by taking a more holistic approach to your website.

  1. Calculate Your Rankings.
  2. Choose the Correct Keywords.
  3. Resolve any technical issues.
  4. Concentrate on the User Experience.
  5. Optimize your site for both users and search engines.
  6. Create Titles That Are Both Eye-Catching and Engaging.
  7. Keep up with Algorithm Updates.

To summarize this article, here is what you need to do to boost your location authority:

  • Register your company on Google Maps.
  • Claim your company’s listing.
  • On your Google profile, include detailed information about your company.
  • Use local phone numbers.
  • Use of tracked phone numbers should be avoided.
  • Improve your company’s visibility by updating its information.
  • Completely fill out the form.
  • For each search, local results prioritize the most relevant results.
  • Check your locations.
  • Keep track of your hours.
  • Manage and respond to customer feedback.
  • Include images.
  • Relevance.
  • Distance.
  • Prominence.

Understanding the competitive landscape is an important part of SEO success.
Choose keywords that are realistic. Optimize each piece of content for the keywords you want to use. Fill your website with tons of content. Obtain links to your website.

Use a keyword’s less popular variant. Use a lot of keyword modifiers. Change up your on-page optimization strategy. Go further than your competitors. Get away from commercial keywords.

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