Google Page Experience (Are You Ready? – We Are!)

A new Google Page Experience report is now available in Google Search Console which combines the Core Web Vitals report with other page experience signals.

At SEOLEVELUP, we are always prepared for all of our clients on any Google updates that come through chatter, official Google sources and preparation documentation.

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Here are some of the new standards that Google will require on your website:

Google Page Experience (Are You Ready? - We Are!)

The Page Experience report will measure the percentage of URLs on a website that offer a good experience based on an evaluation of the above factors.

Site owners can also use the report to dig into the components of experience signal to gain additional insights on opportunities for improvement.

Along with this update, the Search Performance report in Search Console has been updated with the ability to filter pages with a good experience. This will help with keeping track of how the pages with a good experience compare to other pages on a site.

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